Fixed Assets Management


Fixed Assets & Depreciation

Focus 8 has a fully integrated Fixed Assets & Depreciation module that allows you to seamlessly create assets from purchased and perform statutory transactions and administrative functions efficiently and automatically
  • Create assets from purchases instantly for single or multiple assets through quantity
  • Select from multiple depreciation methods (St. Line, cumulative, etc) based on the selected asset
  • Create hierarchies and groups of various assets
  • Allocate assets to a location, employee or any other parameter
  • Define various periodic depreciation schedules for auto-posting to GL

Asset Maintenance

Focus 8 provides information to effectively plan, schedule and execute efficient maintenance processes signifying the effect on the P & L.
  • Scheduling of maintenance jobs
  • Track effective job performance
  • Trach consumables and charges towards maintenance
  • Track replacements
  • Job material requirement procurement
  • Asset usage and tracking
  • Job scheduling based on usage
  • Breakdown scheduling and equipment failure
  • Maintenance reports

Asset Revaluation & Repair

Focus 8 allows you to accurately re-evaluate your assets, and assess their values based on their condition of repair.
  • Prolong your asset life by ensuring that it is in a good state of repair
  • Continually enhance asset value and capability by adding components as child attributes
  • Manage value deductions or accelerate depreciation as per the statutory compliance/as required
  • Automatically post entries into the financial module upon re-evaluation
  • Add value to your assets upon repair completion

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