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Main Features Of Crypto Software& payment system

To realise what business values are being offered by our project, see the main feature of our Crypto Software& payment system.

Total Finance & Management System

  • Add credit to your project & manage it
  • Manage credit transfer to your user wallet & get report
  • Manage withdraw amount & withdraw transaction
  • Manage deposited amount & deposit transaction
  • Manage withdraw transaction requested by the user
  • Manage deposit transaction requested by the user

Admin & User Management System

  • You can make your desired person an admin
  • You can view and monitor the list of people appointed as administrators
  • You can customer or project user manually
  • User register from website will automatically be added in user list
  • You can check and manage user from user list
  • You can also verify user using ID verification and two factor authentication

Exchange & Trading Package Maintenance

  • You can create package including details, period, weekly, monthly, early ROI
  • Manage and Edit your package from package list
  • You can check your exchange and history and manage them
  • You can monetize your running exchange and transactions
  • You can also see cancelled exchange list from this module

All Features

Hope this will help you make the right decision or just ask us for free consultation .

  • Open Source For easy Customization.
  • Host In Your Own Secure Server.
  • No Monthly Or Yearly Fees.
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • You Can Offer your Own Coin
  • Buy and Sales with Exchanges
  • Package Buy and ROI System
  • User Verification System
  • Multi Language System
  • Project mobile app integration module

  • Paypal, Payeer, Mobile Money, Stripe,
  • GOURL and CoinPayment gateway
  • Auto Deposit and withdraw by Coinpayment
  • Complete trading Based Responsive Website Design
  • Admin and customer Has separate UI and Login
  • Easy Package trading fee add system
  • Email and sms gateway adding for ICO marketing

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